Eyes like a forest during the autumn turn

A smile that could melt the coldest heart

I am with you in my dreams

Closing the distance

Falling for you with hope

That this isn’t just a false start


I Have Been Gone A Long Time

I haven’t written a blog in a long time. I have been really busy working through some of the problems I have been dealing with and have spoke about in this blog. I was recently diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder type-2. I am dealing with the diagnosis very well so far. I am scared of the implications it has for my future. I have also been considering what it means to be in love and I have come to realize that of I have been obsessed with saying I loved so many people over the years when I really have only felt that actual feeling for one person. So I probably wont have a lot of sappy poems coming your way.

Great Lines From My Past

A corrupt view of what love is. its the highest form of caring extremely over baring. love is a curse that puts lycanthropy to shame. Beauty to the beast. Demon to angel..

I used to feel like a wolf amongst sheep until I realized I was the sheep and I already had chunks missing.


Where were you when you realized you could survive on your own without anyone else? I feel like every human being is capable of this feat if they are taught the skills and are giving the know how to acquire the basic resources or are provided with the basic necessities of life.


Self harming has been a life long battle for me. I recently got back on that train. The drugs aren’t helping, therapy isn’t helping, and the booze just makes everything worse.